Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Challenges I've undertaken for 2015

I enjoy flitting around on the blogosphere and checking out links that come my way on Facebook, but I have not ventured into joining any challenges or linky-parties --- until now.
First, Bethany House Publishers posted a small reading challenge and I thought that would be fun, so I decided I would attempt that. BingoFinal

Then Sunday evening I was checking out quilting blogs when I stopped in at Clare's Craftroom, a blog I check once and awhile.  That where I discovered two other challenges.  The first is a Sewing Bucket List.  Now I've always admired those quilting linky parties and challenges, but always feared that what they were undertaking was too difficult or time consuming.  This looked manageable and featured a few things I already planned to do.  It also had some challenges, as it should.  So I've decided to jump onboard.  You can check for details at Whipstich who originated the challenge or
Clare's Craftroom.  Heres the list.   Doesn't it sound fun?
sewing bucket list 2015

Clare's blog also had a link to Bringing up Burns and another longer reading challenge.  Despite having a few overlaps with the Bethany House Challenge, I decided to go for it.  What do you think, will I manage to do all this?  We will see!

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  1. Sounds like fun! I've decided to participate in the Bethany House Reading challenge as well as several on Goodreads! Good luck!