Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 Sewing Bucket List started

Early in January I posted that I planned to take part in Whipstitch's 2015 Sewing Bucket List, and I have finished my first item ---# 16, a project using an unfamiliar tool or machine.  I am new to the challenge world, and maybe I am supposed to complete these in the order written on the blog.  Since I didn't see any clear directive, I am going to do the list as opportunity and purpose dictate.

I always like to make something homemade for some of the February birthdays in our family, so my first project of the bucket list is a table topper using a large 60 degree ruler.  I've had the ruler and the pattern for some time, but never got around to trying them out.  I loved both and will be using them again.  Cutting with a triangle ruler may not be much of a challenge but getting the whole idea of creating the layers and then using the ruler was new to me!

 The pattern is called Box of Chocolate by THIS & THAT, Sherri K. Falls and I found this cute little one page pattern at Sew Pieceful Quilting in Tomahawk, WI  Once the method is understood, the mixtures and layers of fabric could easily be altered as long as you end up with six panels that can be cut with the 60 degree ruler. I was able to use scraps from my brown and gold box, but the pattern is also perfect for charm packs.   As I said before this will be a gift.  The hexagon shape is perfect for round tables.

I love it when new patterns work out so easily and lend themselves to being used again and again. Unfortunately, it does not always work out that way and then I feel like I wasted time and materials.  Yesterday I tried a new purse pattern (messenger bag style) that I was sure I would love.  The pattern called for all the outside pieces to be bound to an iron-on interfacing before sewing.  I misjudged the weight, thinking I was supposed to use some of that newer stiff interfacing made for purses and bags.   I should have listened to my inner voice that said that the stuff I had bought was too stiff and would be hard to work with.  I had a very hard time sewing the project, especially at corners.  I broke several needles, kept hopping from one machine to another, and ended up doing some of the sewing on my 1922 hand crank Singer machine.  It seemed to be able to handle the thickness, but even on that machine I broke two needles.  I almost gave up but ended up finishing it and figured it will make a fun bag for the girls to use when they play store.  I doubt I will use it as a purse because it feels so stiff.  I may make the pattern again but with lighter interfacing or I may try to adjust the pattern so I can use batting.  I like the shape of the purse, but now that I see it finished, I see that I would need to make adjustments in depth to accommodate all my stuff.  Hope my next project goes better!


  1. I love this!! Love that you worked with something new, and love that you learned to always listen to that little voice inside. So glad you're taking part in the challenge!! :)

  2. I hear your struggle with the interfacing. I got into the same trouble with the duffle bag, broke many needles and lamented so loudly David bought me a new machine because it advertised it could easily do a 5 piece thickness. I love your table topper!

    Mom and Dad are still here although making their departure plans. We have done many puzzles with Mom and Dad has been a SUPER help with the t-shirt quilt. After cutting squares I showed him the bias maker and we whipped out enough in an afternoon!

  3. Such a lovely tabletopper! I have signed up for the Challenge too but this month has been about help the kids move, still a week or two to go before I can get to my first project. And I have never done a bag so I am very impressed you are ready to modify pattern and all.

  4. Thanks for stopping by. Do you blog about your quilting/sewing projects? If so, where? Good luck with the challenge.