Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Reading finished; 2015 Reading started

For the past 8 or 9 years, I have tried to keep a list of all the books I read in the year.  I know I always forget to get a few books down on the list, but since I've started blogging I have been a bit more diligent.  This year I ended with 117 books on my list.  Now I did not blog about all them; some just don't seem to fit with what I normally blog about.  Some books I am disappointed in and don't want to write a truly negative review.  I know that like always I probably missed listing a few books.
Also, I may blog about kids' books throughout the year, but I do not put them on my reading log unless they are adolescent novels or above.

So today begins 2015 and a new list.  I plan to have at least 125 books on the list by December 31st.  I also found this reading challenge on Bethany Publishing's Facebook posting today and I think I will undertake the challenge.  Doesn't it sound fun?  As for book number one on my personal log, I just finished it and will be blogging about it tomorrow.  THE WHITE CASCADE (nonfiction) tells about America's deadliest avalanche which killed most the passengers of a stranded Great Northern Railway train on March 1, 1910.


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  1. When Logan was in first grade he got moved down in the reading groups. Being an avid reader, and having read to him when he was small, I was shocked and went into immediate action to get him up to speed. I started reading chapter books we worked through series like Harry Potter, Redwall, Hank the Cowdog. We continue to read together even now. When he was in high school we read the Traction Cities together. When he came home for Christmas he had the prequels to the Traction Cities titled Fever Crumb. I read aloud the first one and had it finished before company arrived on the 26th. We have two more to enjoy on his next extended visit home. I love to read. :)