Sunday, November 9, 2014

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

While hosting an open house one afternoon, young realtor Chevy Stevens had an idea for
a thriller.  As the idea became her first book STILL MISSING, Chevy Stevens left behind the
real estate world and entered the literary world full time.  I listened to the audio performance of STILL MISSING done by Angela Dawe.  Told in first person by an emotionally scarred and terrified Annie O'Sullivan relates in one session after another with her psychiatrist how she was kidnapped by a stranger while locking up after a real estate open house, then held captive in a remote cabin for over a year until she is able to finally overcome the madman she has dubbed "The Creep."  But her escape does not bring closure and she still fights demons of fear and panic.  The nights seems to be the worst, but even day is too frightening.  She cannot return to her real estate career or resume her relationship with her soft spoken boyfriend.  Even the slightest touch brings back memories of The Creep and his actions.  

I need to insert a word of caution to any of my followers who come to this blog for reviews of Christian or gentle reads.  Chevy Stevens attacks this topic with the realism of a  contemporary woman whose world has been devastated.  Anne's language is frank, harsh, and even crude as if she digging into the deepest part of her to find venom to fight back against everything and everyone who has harmed her.  

When it seems that Annie's visits with the grief counselor might be helping her begin to function, the unimaginable happens and the police begin to think she may again be a target of harm.  While the first half of the book may seem reminiscent of other psycho-captive tales, the second half will have readers as anxious for the truth and safety as Annie herself.  STILL MISSING garnered Chevy Stevens the 2011 International Thriller Award for Best First Novel and other awards.   
I will be checking for Stevens' other books, probably in audio form.  Her narration style and audio are a strong match.  WPLC (Wisconsin Public Library Consortium) has her other three books for audio download and that's where I got my copy of STILL MISSING.  

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