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I Have Seen God:The Miraculous Story of hte Diospi Suyana hospital in Peru by Klaus-Dieter John

Jacket ImageBoth Klaus-Dieter John and his wife Martina knew in their teen years that they wanted careers in medicine, not so they could become wealthy, but so they could doctor the poor in some remote corner of the world.  I Have Seen God (an English translation of the German book) tells of their decades long journey of dedication, hard work, and sacrifice to make that dream come true.  Klaus-Dieter John makes it clear that this is also a lifelong  journey of miracles.

The first miracle was when he was able to complete part of his medical training in the United States. In the 1980's such exchange programs were almost impossible because the German medical training requirements did not line up with American medical internships.  His experience in the United States gave him both a resume and references that would prove invaluable throughout his career, especially when he and his wife pursued their dream of starting a hospital for the neglected Indians of the Peruvian Andes.  Most of the book dwells on the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of presentations Klaus-Dieter John made across Germany, Peru, and America to secure funds for the hospital that seemed impossible to build.  Time and again, the hospital received just what it needed; and many times it was blessed with even more than requested.  Whether it was a MRI machine, operating tables, IT satellites, medical personnel, or even stained glass for the chapel, prayers were answered.
Clearly God was opening hearts.

Sometimes it was difficult reading this book because the author was constantly referring to German and Peruvian companies and government agencies.  These companies and agencies had great importance to the story, but they were totally unfamiliar to me, an American reader, and it was hard to keep them straight.  In the end, I just sort of skipped over the names and concentrated on each milestone achieved.  Clearly this book shows that modern day miracles are possible, that God helps those who step out to help others in need.  Klaus-Dieter John and his wife did not possess all the skills and knowledge needed to start a hospital.  They did not have the wealth to do it.  But they knew there was a need and they asked God to help them voice that need.  They never gave up asking and they've been able to see God in those who have given and in those who have received alike.  I received a copy of this book from Litfuse for review purposes.

Here is more information about the book and the author, provided by Litfuse.

The miraculous founding of a top class hospital for some of the world’s poorest people
Klaus-Dieter and Martina John–both brilliant, talented, and highly qualified doctors–turned their backs on lucrative careers to follow their dream to open a first-rate medical facility for the Indians of the Peruvian Andes, some of the world’s poorest people. The Peruvian Andes natives suffer appallingly from the diseases of poverty and, although they make up approximately 40 percent of Peru’s population, are ignored by the authorities.
Having studied at the universities of Harvard, Yale, and Johannesburg during his training as a surgeon, Dr. Klaus-Dieter John together with his wife, Dr. Martina John, a pediatrician, developed a concept for a modern hospital in the Peruvian Highlands.
Turning down other offers, including a professorship, they set themselves the task of raising the millions of dollars needed. God opened the hearts and consciences of individuals and companies to create not just a health center, but a fully equipped hospital. Their story and vision has captured attention around the world and today they have the backing of 180 corporations and 50,000 private supporters.
The hospital’s name, Diospi Suyana, means “we trust in God” in Quechua, the native language of the people it serves. It is a testament to their experience that with God the impossible can happen. The incredible conviction and profound faith of the Johns will refresh your heart and stir your spirit.

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