Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Nesting Place: It Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful by Myquillyn Smith

Myquillyn Smith identifies herself as a nester, someone who has always wanted to provide " a beautiful nest" for her family.  Her popular blog THE NESTING PLACE and now her book share
the secrets of doing just that even when you are in a rental property AND on a very limited budget.
While Myquillyn does share the story of some of her decorating redoes, this is NOT a how to do it book.  It is more a book of encouragement and a sharing of Myquillyn's philosophy.  In 18 years, she and her family (hubby and three sons) have moved 13 times.  Most of the time have been into rentals, and once they were cramped into a small two bedroom condo.  But by finding things of beauty that spoke to her, the author was able to make each place a nest of comfort and love for her family.

When I ordered this book through inter-library loan, I expected a typical coffee table decorating book full of large colored spreads of immaculate rooms.  Right off I was surprised by the smaller book format and the large amount of text, but I was quickly pulled in by Myquillyn's easy flowing narration.  It was like listening to a good friend (despite our age differences) tell about what she loves in her home.  I especially liked the list Top Eleven Reasons Renting is Awesome. My daughter and her little girl recently moved into a two bedroom apartment, even smaller than the small ranch house that had been home.  After reading this book, I so much more appreciate the little things my daughter has done to make that rental place their own.   Each thrift store find is a statement-making treasure.

As I started the book, I quickly looked at the photos, and not seeing the big photo spreads I had expected, I figured I would read a little of the text and then return the book.  But I soon found, that although the author's quirky style of white statuary is not my cup of tea, I loved her writing and her views on making a home both beautiful and comfortable.  I greatly appreciated her focus that we already have what we need, now we just need to acknowledge that and then settle into appreciating our great blessings.  If you're always looking at home decor magazines and wishing your home looked like the model homes on the latest tour of homes, then you need to get this book or check out her blog.  Make sure you read The Imperfectionist Manifesto and also the chapter about her visit to Tanzania.  Soon you'll be looking at your home with new eyes, and while you may not see perfection, you will certainly see beauty.

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