Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Guess Who: Noah's Boat by Matt Mitter and Ela Jarzabek

Guess Who Noah's Boat  -     By: Matt Mitter
Guess Who: Noah's Boat is a sturdy, bright lift-the-flap board book about Noah.  Each two page spread tells a portion of Noah's story and ends with the question, "Guess who, Noah?"  When the flap is lifted a different pair of animals is revealed.  The facial expressions on Noah's family and the animals clearly show that they feel safe and secure as the ark is being built and the skies are darkening.  The last page shows the animals leaving the ark after the flood recedes and when the final flap is lifted, Noah is shown as the last one on board, ready to walk off.

This is one of the most successful Christian board books I've seen.  Ela Jarzabek has created a delightful menagerie to fill the ark. Matt Mitter uses rhyme to not only tell Noah's story but to also give clues about who is under each flap.  This book would be a great addition to the preschool library at church or a sweet baby shower gift,  Often it seems that the subject of Christian board books is beyond the understanding of the children who like the chunky, lift a page format.  I don't think there is that disconnect here.  The pages are a little thinner than many board books, making it attractive to toddlers.  Yet the flaps are sturdy enough to be lifted over and over without ripping hazards.  The story is simple enough for littlest ears. but also detailed enough for the slightly older child and is sure to be a favorite for many readings.    I received a copy of Guess Who: Noah's Boat from Kregel Publication for review purposes.

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