Saturday, October 18, 2014

Deceived by Irene Hannon

DeceivedThe death of her husband and young son in a boating accident three years earlier had plummeted Kate Marshall into a depression, Unable to understand why her son's body is never found but his little life jacket is found near the overturned boat, she numbs her pain with too many pills.  Finally, able to pull herself up and rebuild her life as a career counselor to abused women, Kate moves from New York to St. Louis.New friends and a new church help her begin again, until the day she hears a young boy's voice on the escalator and sees  straw blond hair so like her own..  In an instant she calls Kevin's name and the boy turns toward her voice, and then disappears into a crowded store hustled along with by the man at his side. While mall security and local police assume Kate is just seeing what she'd like to believe is her son, the still grieving mother cannot let the sighting go.

Connor Sullivan, former Secret Service agent turned PI, doesn't seem much merit in Kate's case, but her earnest plea and her beauty cause him to start a preliminary investigation.  Soon it appears Kate might be right, her son might be alive.  But how would a boating accident in upper New York state end with the little boy being in St. Louis three years later?  Could the boy be in danger?  And what about Kate herself?

From  the first words of the riveting prologue to the ending scenes,Irene Hannon keeps the suspense high in this novel, mixing it with just enough romance to satisfy those readers expecting both in their novels.  I liked that this tale did not bounce back and forth across settings and wild chases. Instead, little bits of new information build, never enough to give us a complete picture, but enough to stir apprehension and unease.  Despite its length at just under 400 pages, I rushed through this puzzling tale, wanting to make my way to the conclusion.  I received a copy of DECEIVED from Revell Publishing for review purposes.

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