Sunday, October 12, 2014

Butterflies, bugs, and flowers - A Happy quilt for a special 4 year old's birthday.

My daughter and I talked late summer about my sewing a quilt for Lizzie's twin bed in their new apartment.  We wanted something that she'd like for more than a short time, yet something that was young, fun, and bright.  Lizzie loves a series of books about butterfly girl and likes butterflies in general, so we decided that would be the focus if we could find suitable fabric.  Both Olivia and I looked online and started emailing links to photos and websites back and forth.  One day I stopped at a nearby quilt shop, The Welcome Home, in Portage, WI and my eyes traveled to bolts of the HAPPY BLOSSOMS collection -- butterflies, flowers, and bugs abounded.  Although I didn't have a pattern in mind, and I didn't know how I could incorporate the large flower pot panels (too small to be one center piece, but too large to be fussy cut sections of a block), I still knew this was the right fabric.  I purchased what I thought I would need and came home and started to sketch out a plan.
When I started to sew, I made some adjustments and did need to get some extra yardage of one print.
To off set the three printed flower pot panels, I created similar sized panels of fussy cut flowers and butterflies.  These six blocks, sewed together, made the center of the quilt.  They were echo quilted, while the rest of the quilt was quilted with large looping swirls.  I actually made the quilt in three large sections, quilted each one, and then put them together with strips, similar to those used in Marguerita McManus's quilt as you go method.  Quilters will understand all those details.

When I first thought about making this quilt I imagined a more traditional quilt with smaller blocks, but I soon saw that this large blocked, happy print is just right to brighten up Lizzie's room.  With her pastel green dresser and her favorite toys, it is a special space.  I was so happy to get this finished in time for the early birthday party we had for her this weekend with her cousins.

 If you look closely you can see some of the echo quilting.
The blue blocks are pieced, while the flower pots are small paneled prints.
The coral strips are the "Finish as you go" strips that join quilt sections.

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  1. Who wouldn't love these prints, they are perfect! I have not done any echo quilting but it works perfect for those panels. Thanks for sharing the details!