Thursday, September 18, 2014

Grave Conseqences and Glittering Promises by Lisa T. Bergren

Glittering PromisesGrave Consequences and Glittering Promises are books two and three in Bergren's GRAND TOUR
series.  All three books in the series follow Cora Keningston as she takes the grand tour of Europe with her newly discovered family of siblings. Book one Glamorous Illusions tells how Cora learns she is the illegitimate daughter of one of America's richest copper barrons and is then swept off to
Europe with her siblings to take the Grand Tour.  All three books are rich with details about Europe in the early 1900s, perfect backdrops for the romantic triangle that builds throughout the trip.
Cora is sure she has fallen in love with Will, a solid American who serves as their tour guide.  But, why then, can she not quit being attracted to all the attention Lord Richalieau is bestowing on her?

I listened to this entire series on my mp3 player(obtained from WPLC, our library consortium) and that was a lot of hours of listening.  I am sure reading the books would have gone much faster, and perhaps in print, the story would not seem to be so repetitive.  In audio, I felt like I was hearing Cora's same romantic "doubts" and longings for home OVER and OVER!!  The book series neatly ends in thirds -- the first book ends as the groups leaves England, the second book covers their time in France, and the third book has an Italian setting.
Despite those natural breaks, I wish Bergren had wielded her editing pen more severely to write either one longer book or perhaps a two book series.  I've seen the series promoted to fans of Downton Abbey and I think that would be a good target audience.  If you do decide to read Bergren's Grand Tour, I suggest you get all three books at once so you can move from one to the next quickly.
That will help keep up your interest.

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