Thursday, September 25, 2014

God of Every Story by Laura Story

God of Every Story

The CD GOD OF EVERY STORY is my introduction to Laura Story and her musical ministry. While I have long been a fan of Southern Gospel music, I am quite a newcomer to more contemporary Christian music. If I can find more artists as articulate, upbeat, and hopeful as Story, I will be listening to more. On her website Laura reminds us that it is the love of God and Christ for each of us that enables us to face all our life challenges, including the challenge to love those who seem impossible to love at some moments. The lyrics of GOD OF EVERY STORY stand out to me. We all have a story and those stories may at time seem hopeless, but God is there and He is faithful. This 
CD is going in the car so I can pop it in when my "tween" grandchildren are with me! I received a copy of GOD OF EVERY STORY from Family Christian Bloggers for review purposes.

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