Wednesday, August 13, 2014

No time to read?

I've been finding it more and more difficult to find reading time this month.  What have I been doing?  Family reunions (planned and spontaneous), time with grandkids, and taking in some special summer events have filled some evenings and weekends.  The garden plenty needs to be taken care of, and now that we are hitting a dry spell, I have to water flowers and veggies again.  I have managed to finish a couple sewing projects so I thought I would share.

First, my newest purse.  Like so many items I've done, this is made from string squares I sewed while at the cabin.  I usually delegate those blocks for donation items, but the color combination really appeals to me, so I turned the squares into my fall purse.  The Amish clerk at the local Amish grocery store complimented me on it today, so that made me feel really good.

Lots of decorative stitches along the strips.

Just yesterday, I finished a baby quilt, ready for the next baby girl to arrive.  Or maybe it will be a donation quilt.  Either way it is made from colorful string squares, alternating with embroidered squares with sayings I Love Mommy, I Love Daddy, Cute as button, You are My Sunshine.  All embroidery designs are from Embroidery Library.   

Close up of the squares

As I said earlier, taking care of garden produce (ours and purchased) has been taking up a lot of time.
Today I made a big batch of homemade Italian tomato sauce for the freezer using local tomatoes.  Most of my tomato plants are orange variety, so I bought some lovely big tomatoes yesterday for this sauce.  Russ and I also made freezer corn today.  The sweet corn that we've been picking up at a nearby Amish stand is the best we've eaten in years, so naturally I wanted to freeze some.  We only have one upright freezer and I have already made several kinds of jam and frozen both blueberries and strawberries, so I couldn't do too much corn.  At least we'll have an occasional taste of that sweetness mid-winter.  

A week ago I tried another recipe from the CQ recipe book I blogged about awhile ago.  This time I made Peach-blueberry jam.  The recipe does not make a firm jam, but it sure tastes good.  We used it on waffles and I really think it should be used for a dessert sauce.  
Peach Blueberry Jam for the freezer

So that's what I've been doing.  Since supper (stuffed peppers using our yellow peppers) is in the crockpot and I've already watered flowers, I hope to grab a glass of lemonade and read a few pages before supper.  That brings me to my last share for the time being.  Today I tried a simple new recipe. Just combine one large can of frozen lemonade, one third can water, three peeled peaches, and two or three handfuls of ice.  Blend in blender.  This is absolutely wonderful.  I found the recipe online, but I apologize to the blogger who posted it.  I cannot find a source on my printed recipe and I can't find the site anymore.  Try it, you will like it!!

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  1. Love your purse! I'm not familiar with string squares but I'll look them up.

    We had a great time meeting up with Mom, Dad and my sisters in Branson over the 4th. We haven't done any other traveling for the summer but staying busy with the general day to day. Logan starts his senior year at UT. His research study is going really well and our conversations are all about where he's going next.

    I love sweet corn and haven't had any worth mentioning. I'm tempted to come north before the snow just to try some out. Have a fabulous weekend.