Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Apart at the Seams by Marie Bostwick

APART AT THE SEAMSApart at the Seams is the sixth book in Marie Bostwick's  Cobbled Court Quilt series. I've loved  the previous books which all take place in the charming town New Bern, Connecticut and its little quilt shop tucked away in a courtyard off the main streets.  All the books are loosely connected, centering on women who find that Evelyn's shop is not just a spot to buy quality fabric; it is a shelter from life's hurts and a spot where friendships grow.  In this most recent addition to the Cobbled Court saga, Gayla Oliver, a college placement counselor, finds a document her husband has left on his computer.  It appears to be a note informing her that the marriage was over.  When he swears that the note had been written months earlier and that he has realized that ending their marriage would be a mistake, Gayla can't forgive him.
She seeks solace at the little cottage they'd bought in New Bern, the place they'd expected to bring them closer together.  Instead, Gayla finds herself alone and uncertain about her future.

Despite never having sewn anything, Gayla has always been drawn to the beauty of fabric, and soon she's invited to be part of the Cobbled Court quilting group.  Each of the women have recently challenged each other to try something new -- something totally unexpected.  Readers will be surprised as each friend shares what they've undertaken- especially Evelyn's elderly mother.  One of the group is  Ivy Peterman, a struggling single mother who juggles motherhood, her job at the quilt shop, and her college classes.  Ivy's past story of escaping domestic abuse is the main story in an earlier book.  In Apart at the Seams, Ivy learns that her ex-husband will be paroled from prison and the courts have approved his request to having visiting rights with the children.  Despite all she has achieved, Ivy still must push ahead if she wants a safe, secure, and happy future for herself and her children.

Jennifer Chiaverini, Debbie Macomber, Jan Karon and other successful authors have captivated readers with their fictional towns peopled with ordinary people facing both life's highs and lows. Fans of these authors can't wait for the next volume.  I believe Marie Bostwick and the busy ladies (and their families) of New Bern deserve the same loyal following and accolades as the others.  Can't wait for Marie's next work, whether it's a Cobbled Court story or a stand alone book.  I obtained my copy of Apart at the Seams through the Winnefox Library System.  If you are interested in her work, all her books are available at BN, Amazon, and many other bookstores.  I was lucky enough to meet Marie at the Quilt Expo in Madison two years ago, and since then I've started following her on Facebook.  Meeting her and following her frequent postings about everyday life have convinced me she's as full of heart as her writing!

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