Monday, June 9, 2014

Lost Lake by Srah Addison Allen

Kate says she has returned from the dead for her daughter's sake; what she means is that she has emerged from the deep year-long grief after her young husband's death.  Now having sold her house at her head strong, realtor wanna-be politician mother-in-law's insistence, Kate and her ten year old daughter Devin are set to move in with Kate's mother-in-law.  But when the movers take the last of her stuff, Kate does not drive to her supposed new home.  Instead, prompted by an old postcard she finds while packing, she and Devin take an unplanned trip to Lost Lake, Georgia in hopes of finding the secluded cabins her Aunt Eby owns.  Not having communicated since Kate was a child, Eby knows nothing about Kate's marriage and her husband's death, nor does Kate realize that this very month Eby plans to finally sell the run down little resort that has been her home for decades.

Kate and Devin will not be the only guests at Lost Lake as several others show up for one last stay.
The common denominators among the guests, Eby, and her cook --- they are all, in some way, misfits with the need for fresh starts, mended hearts, and self-acceptance.  While the nearby town prepares a good-bye barbeque for Eby, readers will be hoping that SOMEONE finally realizes that the old resort should not close, and then young Devin begins getting messages from an elusive alligator that only she sees.

I ordered this book from the library system after I had seen it recommended somewhere.  Although I enjoyed the book, my praises are not as strong as some professional reviews I've read.  I found the life story of Eby and her husband along with the mute French cook who has been by their side since their honeymoon the most original and fascinating part of the book. Their decision to make Lost Lake their home is what makes the Georgia setting worth a visit.

Lost Lake

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