Monday, June 9, 2014

An invitation from a fellow blogger

I was tagged by Shannah at Book reviews by Shannah to be part of the SUNFLOWER BLOGGER
Here are the rules:

  1. Share 11 facts about yourself
  2. Answer the 11 questions the previous blogger asked
  3. Tag 11 bloggers and ask them 11 new questions

Eleven facts about myself
Wow, I'm not sure I can think of 11 significant things to say about myself, so hope you don't
minds a few silly ones.

1.  In just a few weeks, my husband and I will have been married for 43 years.
2.  Can't imagine my life without him all those years.
3.  In our years together, we have built 3 houses and 1 cabin.  We are done with building!
4. I have always loved books and made them my career.
5.  I taught English and was a school librarian.
6. I've been blogging for almost 3 years.
7. I started collecting cookbooks when I received a Betty Crocker "cooky" book as a gift when I was a preteen.
8. My aunt helped me with my first sewing project when I was about 10 or 11, and I've been sewing ever since.
9.  I recently opened the box in which my wedding dress was stored.  It was the first time I had seen it since I wore it 43 years ago.  By the way I made that dress.
10.  I am not athletic, never have been, but I am trying to be a little more fit and healthy.
11.  I get great peace from being outside in God's creation.

The questions I was asked by Shannah  and my answers. Also, check her blog to see the other bloggers she tagged.

  1. Where is your favorite place to read?  On the covered porch of our cabin. I also love to take a book to the hammock by the water, but I always end up watching nature instead of reading.
  2. What are you looking forward to doing this summer? Fishing
  3. Do you prefer e-books or paperback/hardback books? I read them all; it's the story that matters.
  4. If you could meet one historical person, who would it be? I would like to meet 
  5. You are on a desert island. You can have wish for three things. What would they be? A means of escape, a boat in case the first doesn't pan out, and a very good satellite phone.  I have no intentions of staying on a deserted island!
  6. Who is your favorite fictional character of all time? Atticus in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD
  7. What is the greatest lesson you have learned from reading a fiction book? To be empathetic, compassionate, and to withhold judgment.
  8. Do you love your job? Yes, I loved being a librarian and I miss the people I worked with and all the kids.  I especially miss opening a shipment of new books.  It was like perpetual Christmas.
  9. What is your favorite quote? I honestly don't have one.  I admire author's exceptional craft when I read it, but I just don't commit things to memory anymore.
  10. Do you like to buy new books or are you ok with used?  See question 8.  Of course I love new books, but I also treasure finding a good deal on used books.  Although I know I should love old books, I am allergic to dust and I just can't read older books.
  11. What have you learned about yourself lately?  I've always easily accepted what age I was, but I REALLY, REALLY do not like this age group I am approaching. 


1.  Why did you start blogging?
2.  What was your most memorable vacation?
3.  Dine in or dine out?  Casual or fancy?
4.  Best read of 2014 so far?
5.  Do you belong to a book club?
6.  What is your earliest reading memory?
7.  Do you listen to audio books?
8.  What do you think is the best movie adaptation of a book?
9.   When not reading, how do you spend your time?
10.  Do you have a goal to learn something new this year or try a new activity?  What?
11.  If you came to my house, would rather have tea and homemade pie or coffee and dark chocolate?

 These are the 11 bloggers I am tagging to be part of the Sunflower Blogger Award.  Check  out their book reviews and other blog entries.  I hope you enjoy their blogs.  And bloggers, I hope you take part in this Sunflower Blogger Award, but of course that is your choice.  If you take part, copy the award photo for your blog, then copy the questions, answer them, and select 11 new bloggers to continue with your new questions.  And as always, keep reading.  


  1. Quite a challenge! Thank you, Sue, for adding me to take part in the "Sunflower Blogger Award" inviting me on my review I will take you up on the questions and will post response on my blog. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

    1. Here you go ~
      Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House


    I deleted your comment on my blog by mistake.

    Thanks for nominating me for the award!

  3. Hi Sue,
    I'm glad you accepted! I am getting married in September and hope to make it 43 years! Lord willing, we will!! My pastor told us in our pre-marital counseling session, "your marriage can survive almost anything if you can build a house together," and you've built three! WOW!

    Thanks again, your answers were great! :D