Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rhubarb is ready

Spring has arrived late in Wisconsin.  Despite being mid-May, we don't really feel confident that spring is here to stay.  I haven't set my flowers out yet and the only garden I've planted has been some onion sets and early lettuce.  With every thing so late, those spring staples asparagus and rhubarb have extra special appeal this year.  We've had asparagus several times already.  On Mother's Day we grilled it.  Last night I made asparagus soup while we were up north at our cabin.  We came home today, and while catching up on Facebook I saw this recipe for a rhubarb blueberry crumble.  That sounded more appealing than making my own birthday cake, so I picked some rhubarb and took the last bag of blueberries out of the freezer.
Rhubarb-Blueberry Crumble Recipe
Photo and recipe from Taste of Home

Actually easier than an apple crisp since there is no time spent peeling fruit, this dessert is wonderful.  Hubby ate his ice cream; I just savored the sweet fruit.  It was a great birthday.  We packed up and left the cabin right away this morning, ate breakfast at a restaurant which had just won a "taste of the town" contest for their apple cranberry stuffed french toast.  This is what hubby got for his meal; I had eggs, but did sample his french toast.  Then we made a short detour to Tomahawk to visit one of my favorite quilt shops.  Once home, we got to skype with our daughter and granddaughter.  Afterwards I got birthday calls from a dear cousin in Texas and then one from my brother.

All that excitement and unpacking left me not to motivated to make supper.  That's when I saw the rhubarb recipe on Facebook.  I quickly defrosted some cod, breaded it and baked it in the oven. Served it with that new minute rice medley which has quinoa in it, plus stir fried asparagus and a spinach salad.  I thought the supper was quite healthy and certainly earned me the right to indulge in that warm, gooey dessert.  Now I need to catch up on emails, finish unpacking, and maybe catch a little television.  It's also time to start a new book.  Finished two World War II stories while at the cabin and will be blogging about them this week.

   What are you fixing for special meals this spring?

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  1. You whipped up quite a meal for not having much motivation! It sounded delicious and the rhubarb crunch...yum. I love rhubarb and have purchased some just to relive the flavor. Many down here don't even know what it is :(

    We have been swinging between spring and summer, 90's one day and 50s the next. We have opted out of planting anything new due to the drought. We are making an attempt to keep the backyard grass going. We are looking seriously at low water design options for the front yard.

    I have a major dress refashion on the sewing table. I was so pleased with how the last dress turned out I've jumped right into another. There are several garment adjustments to be done but the next big project looks like another t-shirt quilt. We moved Logan into a new apartment last weekend and he gave me another load of t-shirts. I'm thinking I'll try a bit more creativity with this one as it will be a hodge podge of designs and colors.

    Hope the summer looks full of fun activities for you. We'll be staying close to home except for the July 4th weekend, I'm expecting a lot of sewing time.