Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New quilted tote

 My sewing project last week was this large tote.  One side was made with the "string" method.
Slim, random width strips are sewing across a square of foundation fabric.  Four completed squares are sewed together.  You don't expect the pieces to line up across squares, but you get a "wonky" diamond pattern.

The other side contains a large zippered pocket which will hold my Nook, camera, and such.
The inside of the bag has several pockets and a place to hang keys.   I am always losing keys in my purses and bags.  Happened today in a grocery store.  Naturally the key had sunk all the way to the bottom of a multi-sectioned purse.  I HATE THAT!

I had been seeing so many bright spring bags over the last weeks in the stores, but I didn't want to spend that much money.  I had even bought a piece of decorator weight cotton and planned to use that for a spring bag, but when I went to sew, I couldn't find the fabric.  It wasn't with the other fabric I bought that shopping trip, so I started to doubt my memory.  Maybe I felt I was spending too much and put it back??  That's when I noticed all these scraps, most of them from recent projects.  I decided to dive in and do something with them.   Then, as I opened the old trunk where I store batting, I found that piece of decorator cotton, still bagged up with the length of batting I purchased that same day.  So even though, I was frugal and used up many scraps, I still added to my stash!!  Quilters will understand that never ending saga.

I hope to be using this tote for some traveling this spring and summer.  If offers plenty of room and I know no one else will have anything like it.


  1. It works the same with my beading habit, I mean hobby! Just a few beads needed to finish this necklace, and after I buy them, there are the identical ones hiding in a little baggie somewhere.

  2. Beautiful! What a wonderful bag. Bags are all the rage across the Recycle/Reuse landscape. I have been working on a few but haven't turned out one as pretty as yours. Well done!