Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fun and games

What are your favorite smells, sights, and sounds for each of the seasons?  If you could spend seven different nights in seven different places, what would they be?  What one house in the United States would you like to visit?  These are just a few questions from the CHAT PACK FOR KIDS.  Held in a small plastic container, there are 158 cards, each with its own conversation starter question.  We received this set and the regular "adult" set from our daughter as a gift several years ago.  The grandkids enjoy using them at meals when they are here.  Tonight, two granddaughters, ages12 and 8, decided we should do a round while we ate supper.  Lots of laughs.  It's always great to witness their developing imaginations and interests.  Both girls got really interested as Grandpa talked about snorkeling when he was younger.  I highly recommend this little gem, and it's even small enough to tuck into a suitcase if you are traveling to visit grandchildren, or if you are traveling with them somewhere.

We gave the youngest of these two granddaughters the game BUBBLETALK for Christmas, and it turned out to be such a hit that we had to buy our own game to keep here at the house.  It has the same basic game set up as APPLES TO APPLES but in this game, players have seven caption cards in their hands, and they select what they think is a great caption to go with the silly photo the dealer has chosen.  The dealer, without knowing the identity of the caption owner, selects what (s)he thinks is the best one.  Often the photos and the captions are outrageously funny.  We've had some hilarious meltdowns as we've played.  Even our six year old granddaughter reads well enough to play and understand.  After the dinner table was cleared tonight, we set up BUBBLETALK and I must sadly report that I did NOT win, but I had some great chuckles.  I'm not being rewarded in any manner for this blog entry, but I just want to share some wholesome family fun ideas.  You can check Barnes and Noble or Amazon for reviews and more details, or just do a search for the games by name.   I'd suggest getting them at a small toy store -- just like book stores, they need our support!

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