Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Promise Kept by Robin Lee Hatcher

Allison had married her college sweetheart and soon they had an adorable little girl.  All seemed to be as it should be.  The young wife felt blessed and assured that life would be near perfect.  Then slowly she began to see a pattern that threatened the very foundation of their marriage- jobs lost, excessive drinking, apologies and fresh starts, only to be followed by further disappointment.  Finally, as their daughter embarks on adulthood, Allison decides that Tony must become totally sober or the marriage is over.  Certain that God has led her to take this stand, Allison has delivered the ultimatum. Only Tony's response is NOT what she expected.  They proceed to divorce, and now, more than a year later, Allison has relocated to the remote cabin she inherited from a great aunt, Emma.

In the solace and simplicity of the woods, After discovering some old journals hidden away in the attic, Allison begins to delve into her aunt's early years, and realizes that Emma's story will help her heal.  She establishes new friendships and catches the attention of a handsome cowboy who has his own tragedies.
Finally, when her daughter comes for the holidays and asks that her father be allowed to come also, Allison is ready to see Tony again and to trust God that she will not be hurt again.

Robin Lee Hatcher, one of the most popular Christian novelists, is perhaps best known for her historical novels.  She has switched to the contemporary setting in A Promise Kept to tell a story that is very personal. I did not read her comments at the end of the book until I'd finished the book, and I am glad I didn't.  Her final words had a bigger impact that way.  To not spoil anything about this story, I won't say more.   If only all promises were kept and all endings happy.

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