Friday, February 7, 2014

The Reason for My Hope by Billy Graham

Billy Graham has spent his life preaching the message of forgiveness and salvation.  Now in his mid-nineties and not physically strong enough to continue the crusading life, he has NOT put aside his desire to share Christ's promise.  Instead he shares through his writing, something he can do from his armchair at home. His new title The Reason for My Hope shows clearly that there is only one reason for true hope and that is Christ's death on the cross.

Graham warns that too many are trying to make Christianity into their own designer religions with a main focus on belonging, not believing.  People search for the spot where they fit right in, where they can enjoy activities and socialization, and feel good about themselves. But that is not what we are called to do. Graham reminds us that Christianity is not a spectator sport; we cannot buy a ticket and remain on the sidelines.  Becoming a Christian means changing our lives completely -- a butterfly kind of metamorphosis.  Christ is not someone you can relegate to a corner of your heart and life.

Graham also warns that our busy lives which often leave no time for reflection or prayer are harmful. The pop culture that surrounds us can be much more dangerous than we think, for some equaling a 21st century version of pagan worship.  There have been several recent books lately offering glimpses into Heaven.  Graham makes clear the path to that future, but also earnestly forces us to consider the alternative that no one seems to take seriously.  While the writing is easy to read, this is not a book to be read for pleasure and then put aside.  Just like his crusades, the book asks us to look inside our hearts and to listen to the warnings.

I received this book from Book Sneeze for my honest opinion.

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