Monday, February 17, 2014

A chance ot see Monuments Men and win a book

Yesterday R and I saw Monuments Men. I have wanted to see that movie ever since I first heard about it. I was not disappointed. Casting was spot on and, like many historical fiction and nonfiction books I've read, this movie helped fill-in my understanding of history and culture. A tough question opens and ends the movie -- Is a work of art worth the life of a person?  The monuments men, whose careers had been in art and architecture, the answer was yes.

I checked WPLC (online Wisconsin library) and there are 495 current holds on the ebook Monuments Men; our library system has several copies but over 50 holds.  I guess I will be waiting until the popularity dies down or I'll be buying my own copy.  While I wait, I wanted to share the following opportunity.  I know I am curious about Putman's book and will be getting a copy sometime.  Maybe I will win!

Below is a link to a chance to win two movie tickets to Monuments Men and also a copy of Cara Putman's historical fiction book, also inspired by the men and women who rescued some of the world's most precious art.  If the link doesn't work, then find Cara Putman's page on Facebook and enter!
Contest ends 2/23.

Enter Today | 2/10 - 2/23!
Cara Putman Shadowed By Grace Monuments Men

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