Monday, January 13, 2014

When a Heart Stops by Lynette Eason --Well crafted and fast paced thriller

After reading and reviewing an advance copy of Lynette Eason's new book No One to Trust I was eager to read more of her books, so naturally when I got notification from the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium that I could download a copy of When A Heart Stops I did so right away.  I didn't even pay attention to the tiny print on the cover identifying it as the second book in a series.  Quite often that doesn't matter anyway as the author will usually bring the readers "up to snuff" about any carry over story.  While Eason really didn't do that very well, I just plunged ahead in ignorance about some of the back story because this suspenseful tale pulled me in.  Medical examiner Serena Hopkins is hiding a package recently sent from her friend Jillian, someone she has not since the girl disappeared on their graduation ten years earlier, but when her home is burglarized and Serena's decision to fire a weapon leaves the burglar in a coma, Serena knows he must have wanted the package.  Even then she does not realize that her own safety is tied directly with the murders she investigates over the next few days -- that is UNTIL the department and the FBI pinpoint that each victim was a classmate of Serena's a decade previously.

I actually liked this book better than Eason's most recent one.  I didn't feel that I was being dragged from one spot to another.  Still there was the right amount of suspense and the pace was nonstop. I would say the writing stacks up against Mary Higgins Clark and Terri Blackstock.  The fact that I have to read the third book in the series to know the absolute end of the story will be just fine with me!  To anyone wanting to give Eason a try, I suggest you start with When the Smoke Clears, the first in the series.

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