Tuesday, January 7, 2014

No One to Trust by Lynette Eason

Summer, still emotionally wounded from her rocky childhood, falls fast and deeply when she meets
Kyle.  When a quick romance leads to a marriage proposal, all Summer asks before answering "yes" is that Kyle never lie to her. Soon they settle into life as contented newlyweds -- until the day that armed thugs show up at Summer's door demanding that she turn over a computer that she knows nothing about.  Within seconds Summer's life changes as she realizes that her husband Kyle is really David Hackett whose tightly held secrets (to Summer, outright lies) have now put both of their lives in immediate danger.  How could the man she loves do the one thing she's asked him never to do?

As the couple flees from one "safe site" to another, they never seem able to be more than one step ahead of further danger.  Clearly someone is tracking their every movement, or worse yet,
one of their protectors is a mole.  The immediacy of their flight gives Summer little time to assess whether she can trust Kyle, aka David, but she quickly realizes she is not safe without him.

I like suspenseful thrillers and Eason does have a flair for writing this genre.  At times, I felt overwhelmed by the never ceasing change of location and characters.  This story has many, many secondary characters who don't get much development, but as readers you need to pay attention because one of them could become important as the mole or a vital rescuer. I don't think is really a flaw in Eason's writing.  I've noticed that tendency in many recent suspense novels, a move toward MORE, MORE quick action instead of deeper development.  I found the back story of why David chose the alias Kyle and how he met Summer makes theis story stand out from other contemporary suspense stories.  If you like suspense novels, or if you've read other stories by Lynette Eason, I would recommend No One to Trust, book one in the Hidden Identity series. To learn more about Lynette and her other writings search here.  Currently, I have When the Heart Stops, a 2013 Carol Award winner checked out from the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium and loaded on my Nook.  Look for that review soon.

Note:  I would like to thank Revell Publishing for providing a review copy.  All opinions expressed are mine

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