Thursday, January 23, 2014

Musical Quilt project in progress

My husband loves music and spends much of his semi-retirement free time either on his violin, guitar, or computer music program.  I found several pieces of music themed fabric over the past couple years and wanted to make a quilt for the day bed in his little office/music room.  However, I mainly make baby quilts and small projects so I was hesitate to start this project.  Also I couldn't decide on a pattern that would fit the fabric.  Finally I decided on a design based on ten inch squares ( sometimes called layer cakes) that are then cut two different ways.  I added some plain large print squares and also some framed squares that are music quotations.

Here are some rows ready to be stitched together.

A large block of rows sewed together.

Close up

I now have the flimsy sewed together along with a pieced backing.  Yesterday R. helped me lay the layers out on a large table that I use for cutting and such.  Today I pinned the layers together.  Now will come the actual quilting.  I plan to combine some stitch in the ditch with free motion.  I had a quilting frame but never could master it.  I had no problems loading quilts, but none of my machines liked to "perform" on the frame and I got so frustrated that I sold the frame.  This will be my first large project completely done without the frame.  Hope it goes well.  His birthday is in a few weeks and this is his gift.  He knows about it, but seems delighted that I am making this for him!


  1. Love the design! I haven't heard of the 'layered cake' blocks but they look great they way you have them laid out. I'm working through some refashion ideas I found online. A girl's dress from a man's dress shirt came out well. It was my first time smocking, which I will be using again. Also a baby bib from a pair of jeans. I'll be posting a blog with them all soon. Hope you are staying warm. Mom and dad will be at my house this next weekend. We've had frigid days but they don't last long, we make it back to the 60's within a couple of days. Good luck with your quilting!

    1. Thanks for the comments. I have been working on the free motion quilting. Two more times across the quilt and it will be ready for binding. Church was cancelled today. 5-6 inches of snow fell overnight, roads weren't blowed, low temperatures, and the wind is supposed to pick up again. The tv news here is all about the LP gas shortage. In some northern WI counties people are closing up their homes, draining pipes, and moving in with others. We really don't realize how much we rely on resources outside our control! Personally we are on natural gas and use our pellet stove a lot, so I guess we're okay. Spring can't come soon enough.