Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hot Flashes and Cold Cream by DiAnn Hunt

Hot Flashes and Cold Cream

Couples approach the empty nest years differently.  Some shout "Hallelujah" and  see it as a time to rediscover each other, with plenty of time for personal freedom.  But for other couples, it is just another indication that they see everything differently.  So it seems for Maggie Hayden and her spouse.  He is totally bogged down at his law firm and probably hasn't even noticed the too quiet rooms in their big house.  Maggie, however, feels a deep emptiness and loss as their daughter departs for her honeymoon and their son returns to college.  What does Maggie do with her new found leisure time?  Depending on whether or not she's battling a hot flash, she focuses on the minutiae that she believes is screaming "over the hill."  Disgust for her own body and fears that her husband may be attracted to either a female client or his new paralegal, or both, run rampant. To top it off, her best friend begins dating after being a widow for several years.  Maggie feels it is totally her responsibility to protect her best friend from the predators of dating.Told with humor, Hunt's story may be putting on paper what thousands of newly turned 50 females are feeling.  I am sure that any gals nearing those menopausal years or those of us who've recently departed them can see spot of ourselves in Maggie's needless rantings.  It is way too easy to remember those flushed cheeks and instantaneous moments of panic, but it is the slapstick-like humor mixed earnestly with a caring story about a needy teenager that will keep readers interested.

This is a very quick read, but one I enjoyed -- a better way to spend some time than watching the vindictive, revengeful sagas on television or the endless cooking competitions!

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