Monday, December 23, 2013

Remembering Christmas by Dan Walsh

Remembering Christmas - Dan Walsh

Almost all Christmas literature centers around a change of heart, and rightly for Christians believe that accepting Christ as our Savior brings about a complete change of heart, attitude, and way of life.  Dan Walsh joins the multitude of authors who've put their own spin on the holiday change of heart story in his novel Remembering Christmas which is set in the early 1980s.  Part of the charm of this story about Rick Denton is the flashback to those 80s pre-cell phone days.  Think the first round of high gas prices, early Ronald Reagan politics, and the shooting of John Lennon.  

The story centers around Rick's return to Florida after receiving a frantic phone call from his mother that his step father has collapsed, perhaps from a stroke.  Readers quickly ascertain that Rick long ago walked away from his Florida life, swearing his mother's and step-father's small Christian bookstore and their way of life held nothing for him.  But when he receives that phone call, he can't say no, so he returns to operate the store for a few days while his mother stays by her husband's hospital bed.  A few days turns to a few weeks, and each day brings a change in Rick.  He can almost feel his head clear, finally away from the stress of his high tension accounting career, and he suddenly finds himself slightly more tolerant of and interested in other people --- except for that vagrant JD who sleeps near the bookstore steps.  Rick wants nothing to do with him and his filthy hair and overpowering smell. But like Scrooge in the classic Dicken's story, Rick will have his eyes opened.

This book was published a few years ago, so readers may have to look to find a print copy.  However, e-copies are readily available from the normal vendors.  Also I am sure that many libraries has this title in their holiday collections.  Remembering Christmas is a fast, encouraging read.  At this time of year, don't we all love a story about someone who sets a new and better course for his life.

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