Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dining with Joy by Rachel Hauck

Imagine someone who was afraid to drive trying to pass herself off as a race car driver!  Sounds impossible, but in the book Dining with Joy, Joy Ballard lives with a similar charade.  Unbeknownst to her food show audience, Joy is nothing like her deceased father  While he was a genius in the kitchen, Joy beaks out in a sweat just thinking about cracking an egg and stirring up a quick omelet.  How she has gained a faithful following among the cable network watchers is due largely to her humorous skill at hiding her ineptitude.
When her show is sold to another producer who has big plans to make Joy a household name, Joy finds the stress of hiding her secret fear of cooking ing too much.  When talented chef and total hunk Luke enter Joy's life, she hopes she has found the answer to her dilemma.  Can she shift all the onscreen cooking to him while she entertains the audience with her other foodie escapades?  And can she possibly deal with the sizzling chemistry that comes to life when the two share a kitchen and a camera?

This is a light, fun read that will appeal to foodies and young romantics. Personally I find the idea that someome can't learn to make the most basic food unlikely, but then the real Food Network did do a reality show about awful cooks, so I guess it is possible.  I've read other Rachel Hauck titles  While I was entertained by this story, I did not feel it was as imaginative or as well written as The Wedding Dress.  I checked out Dining with Joy for my Nook from WPLC.


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