Saturday, November 2, 2013

Not What I Designed: The Story of An Extreme Heart Makeover by Betcky Dietrich

At a slim 136 pages, Not What I Designed: The Story of An Extreme Heart Makeover might be overlooked as being simply too short to offer any significant insight.  Such a judgment would be wrong.  Dietrich offers a powerful memoir that details how she affirmed her faith during her college years, despite being a child of the turbulent sixties, witnessed how God should be number one in her life, and then over the next 40 years slowly let the desires of her heart and her family's troubled finances usurp the first place spots in her heart and mind.

An interior designer by talent and later as a career, Becky created beautiful homes, not to be ostentatious but to offer hospitality, warmth, and comfort to others,  But when her pastor husband lost his job, the family unwisely became entangled in a new lifestyle and over the years stress, financial failures and multiple bad decisions moved Becky further and further away from God, until at age 60+ and bankrupt, Becky had a "heart makeover" when she was finally able to put aside what she describes as her "idols."   Becky's tale makes it clear that things, goals, and pursuits, that in themselves are not bad or wrong, can become toxic when they allow someone to put a barrier between himself and God.
As I said earlier, there is a strong message in this tiny volume.

I received a copy of this book from Deep River Books and Tell Us the Truth Reviews for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are mine.

Not What I Designed: The Story of an Extreme Heart Makeover  -     
        By: Becky Dietrich

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