Monday, August 19, 2013

Threads of Change by Jodi Barrows

Jodi Barrow and her square in a square quilt techniques are recognizable in the quilting world.  She has appeared on television and quilt shows around the country for years, but now can add fiction author to her resume.  Threads of Change, just been published by River North (an imprint of Moody Publishing) is the first in a historical fiction series set just prior to the Civil War.  Four female cousins make the hard decision to leave Louisiana to start again in Fort Worth, Texas, a remote outpost which has been abandoned by the military.  With promises that their grandfather will join them as soon as he finalizes the sale of the lumber company, the women travel west.  Weather, unclear roads, and circumstances separate them from their guides for most of the journey, and young widow Elizabeth must remain strong and focused to keep everyone safe.

The families hope to set up a store and a sewing business, while one cousin has been hired as the community's new teacher.  Quilts- their beauty, comfort, and necessity play strong roles in this first installment of the women's tale.  What transpires in the volume covers just a few weeks in chronological time, but offers enough action and unresolved story line that readers should be interested in future books.
Those who know Jodi Barrows from their own quilting interests I am sure will be drawn to sampling her fiction.

I received a copy of Threads of Change  from the publisher for review purposes.  All opinions are mine.  Check out Barrows' website to learn more about the book and her quilting techniques.  If you follow this link to River North's site, you will find an insightful interview with Jodi Barrows in which she shares that this book series, based on pioneer women in her family, has taught her to be gentler, kinder, and more caring.

Jodi Barrows

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