Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bookworm Gardens - What a great place to visit

Jack and the Beanstalk at Bookworm Gardens
Sunday was a special day for my husband and me as we got to spend time with two of our favorite girls - our daughter and her little girl.  First we spent some time at Kohler Andrae State Park on Lake Michigan which little L. called her ocean.  The weather was perfect and the sandy beach a delight.  After playing in the waves, we had a picnic lunch, cleaned off our sandy toes and drove to nearby Bookworm Gardens at the UW-Sheboygan Extension campus.  

This delightful garden is only a couple years old.  It combines some of the best children's literature and a peaceful woodsy garden setting.  Each garden segment is themed after one or more children's book.  I've inserted a map from their website so you can get the idea.  From the winged school bus
(Magic School Bus) to the food hanging from the trees (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs), this tour was one of surprises, humor, and great fun.  We tallied at the creative area where we played the huge outdoor marimbas and posed in the large picture frames for silly photos.  It was the Barn area (Charlotte's Web and Click Clack Moo) that captured little L's attention.  She climbed on the big cow statue and then spent time scribbling on the outdoor chalk board with a new little friend.  Meanwhile Grandma and Grandpa were checking out all the neat metal garden sculptures and the vegetable soup garden.

Bookworm Gardens Map

Throughout the gardens are little library structures where you can "check out" laminated copies of the children's books that area is based on.  You're encouraged to sit on a bench or one of the many special chairs to read the book with your child.  Our granddaughter loved the crayola chairs and we all sat together in Papa Bear's chair.  Over in the Animal gardens, older kids were taking turns scrubbing "Dirty Harry" from Harry the Dirty Dog.  I was enchanted by the miniature garden and house for Stuart Little.  

Obviously this garden is the result of some highly creative minds and lots of love!  Currently touring Bookworm Gardens is free, but donations are definitely encouraged.  Check out their website to learn more.  Take a walk through the website, and I think you'll catch a little of the excitement we experienced.
I wonder if this cow can really type

Little L smiles for the camera

Stuart Little's Miniature World

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  1. What a whimsical idea. Jack and the Beanstalk looks like my pole beans. All I need are those two big boots. What fun.