Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek by Jane Myers Perrine

I found the Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek to be humorous, heart warming, and just plain charming.  It was the kind of read that leaves you happy knowing that will be future installments.  I believe Perrine has committed to writing three novels about young Pastor Adam and his Texas congregation.  At the center of all the action are the Widows of Butternut Creek (Birdie and Mercedes, plus a few new "members") who are determined that everything at Butternut Christian Church be done just right.  Now that they have Pastor Adam "broken in" to the RIGHT ways of doing things, they are ready to play matchmaker and find him a wife.

After unsuccessfully trying to match Adam up with every single woman in Butternut (even the Presbyterian female minister), the ladies have decided that Gussie Milton who coordinates youth camps and events with several churches across their Texas area will do just fine.  What they don't realize is that Adam has already decided that Gussie is someone he might be interested in, but he certainly can't act on his feelings with the widows setting up the couple at every turn.  Gussie doesn't know the power of the elderly women, but she does know that being around Adam is starting to draw her out of a self-imposed safety net where she had hidden for almost a decade.

With side stories like that of the brother and sister Adam has taken in as foster children and the humorous experiences he faces when finding a replacement organist,  The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek goes beyond simple romance. Our church organist, a wonderful lady and former teaching colleague of mine, just loved the first book.  Can't wait to hear her comments about the organist trials in this volume.  I do think the first book moved a little faster, but I often feel that when I read a series.  If you liked the Father Tim series, you will enjoy Perrine's series.  I look forward to the third book. The folk of Butternut Creek still have stories to share.  I received a copy of this title from FaithWords, the publisher, for review purposes.  All opinions are mine.

If you want to catch Jane Myers Perrine's blog or see her other books, check out her website.


  1. Are you familiar with the Home to Harmony books? Much like these a pastor and his colorful congregation. I stumbled on them back around 2005. Logan and I were driving to Wisconsin without David and had gotten the books on tape to listen to. We both enjoyed them.

    1. Yes, I've read that series too and definitely enjoyed it. I found the father/pastor to be so realistic and relatable.