Sunday, July 28, 2013

Once Upon A Prince by Rachel Hauck

Once Upon a Prince - Rachel Hauck - Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Romance novels aren't my personal favorite genre anymore -- I'm a little too old for those titles that are so obviously targeted at the under thirty crowd, but occasionally I pull one off the shelves anyway.  In the case of Once Upon A Prince by Rachel Hauck, it was a matter of downloading the title from the WPLC website onto my Nook simply because I had seen so much publicity for this title.  Also I enjoyed reading Hauck's The Wedding Dress, finding it "meatier" and more original than most romances.  With The Wedding Dress recently receiving several awards, I thought grabbing this title would be wise.

What I got was a "commoner meets royalty" story complete with two fictional countries joined by a one hundred year old treaty about to expire.  The young prince from Brighton who will soon find himself king must consider both countries as he picks a bride.  Although willing to serve his country, what Prince Nathaniel would really like is the opportunity to actually meet someone and fall in love without any political implications. And it seems he might be on that path when he meets Susan Truitt, a landscape architect in Georgia.  Susan is reeling from a decade old relationship which has just soured, and although she likes the young European she meets on the small George island, she certainly is not ready for a relationship.  This is definitely a story of star-crossed lovers.

Like The Wedding Dress, this story is refreshing.  Characters are genuine and I liked the streak of humor which permeates throughout.  For the young who have not devoured dozens and dozens of romance titles or watched countless boy meets girl movies, this first installment in the royal wedding series is sure to delight.  For me, my final verdict is that it was a fun read, a sweet romance, but I should stick to titles which promise more commentary on life and more depth.

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