Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Laughter and a Night Out

Anita Renfroe, a popular Christian comedienne, performed at the Green Lake Conference Center last night as part of the Northern Pines Family Camp ( a nondenominational family camp).  What an opportunity that local residents could also buy tickets to the concert.  This year Anita Renfroe is also part of the Women of Faith Conference tour, but she has also performed on many television programs including a regular spot on Good Morning America.  Many know her as a You Tube sensation.  I must admit I only knew her from newspaper press about her then upcoming concert in Wisconsin.  One trip to her website yesterday and I knew that I wanted to attend last night's concert. Luckily one daughter in law was home from work in time to make the "date' with me, and we had a great time.

Anita humorously shows in song and verse those occurrences of motherhood, family life and espeically growing older that we all recognize.  Our auditorium last night was packed and for over two hours we never stopped laughing.  In the "local" crowd, I saw women from their twenties to seventies including several mother-daughter pairs.  I definitely saw some "girl friend" groups all decked out for a night away from the rushed summer pace of home, hubby, kids, and work.  Many in the audience were couples from the Northern Pines Camp, some very young marrieds and others much older, yet Renfroe's humor and message fit everyone.

My only regret is that I did not spend the money to pick up a few of her dvds, so that I could keep the laughter going.  If you happened to stop in at the blog today, take the time to hop over to Anita's website and read more about her.  And absolutely, check out her video of Momisms set to the William Tell Overture on YouTube or the newest song on her website In the Muthahood. Here's a question for you -  what happened to our culture that someone like Anita is not a prime time star, a new generation Carol Burnett or Lucille Ball?  Why isn't a pastor's wife whose been married for 31 years, who loves being a parent and grandparent, loves God, and who sees the humor and blessings in every day life -- why isn't she an icon know by all?
Instead we all recognize the dozen or so names that fill all the nightly gossip shows?

 I see that Anita and her husband collaborated on a devotion book and on one about marriage.  She has also contributed a Women of Faith book of humorous stories.  My hope is that she pursues more writing in the future.  There is room in the literary world for her wit.  My other hope is that she returns to Wisconsin soon (and that I realize she is here!)


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