Monday, July 1, 2013

Computer Desk refurbished into Kid's Kitchen

About a year ago my daughter showed me some kid's kitchens on Pinterest that had been made from old furniture.  I investigated some more ideas on various blogs and tucked the ideas away.
I don't do power tools, so I knew this was really a project that my husband would do.  We kept our eyes out for a cheap piece of furniture that would work, but didn't have much luck until I found a computer desk with attached bookshelf at a rummage sale for local historical society.  The price was a little more than what I wanted and the desk was actually too big, but since the sale was a good cause, we made the purchase.

It sat in our garage for months since we both had decided the piece was too large for our idea.
Then in the midst of our long winter, my husband said he would try cutting it down to a narrower size and lower the height.  He got a vision of what he wanted to do, and I just let him go. In the end, I did a little painting and took the photos for the window scenery. One photo is of the lake where we have our cabin.  The other photo is a rainbow that we had outside our house a few summers ago.

 Somehow we forgot to take photos of the original desk, but it had a roll out shelf for the keyboard which became the oven door, several drawers which stayed, and a bulletin board back which became the kitchen wall/windows.  Hinges, plexiglass, and a few knobs had to be purchased. We used paint we had on hand except for a little jar of green for the counter.

Our older grandchildren play restaurant complete with printed menus and bills.  Our smallest granddaughter is just two and a half, and she is thrilled to make tea for grandma and grandpa.  She loves opening the oven door.  Today she made toast, apples, and cake for the baby doll.  She had cake herself yesterday at a party, so cake was on her mind!  I am so happy that my hubby was willing to put the time into this project!  Beats any purchased kitchen I've seen.

Our newest addition to the toy room

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  1. Wow, what a super job! I would love to come and play with this kitchen. When I was very little, early grade school for me, Dad made us a kitchen for Christmas. Well done!