Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tie that Bind by Marie Bostwick

I have been a Marie Bostwick fan since I first read her stand-alone novels Fields of
Gold, River's Edge,
and On Wings of the Morning.  Her Cobbled Court Quilt series has provided quality, heart-warming entertainment over the last several years.  Although not typed as a Christian writer, her books speak of faith overcoming obstacles and offer characters who open their lives and hearts to others.  Sure, sometimes you may shake your heads and say, "Oh neighborhoods just aren't like that."  But you know, maybe they are, at least once and a while. Meeting Marie Bostwick for just a few minutes last year at the Nancy's Notions Quilt show in Madison was enough for me to know that Bostwick is an optimist who loves her career and her characters. And I really enjoy that her "quilting threads" throughout her books are authentic to the story and to the craft.  In Ties that Bind, Margot Matthews has finally convinced herself that turning 40 and still being single is okay.  Comfortably settled into her job at the Cobbled Court Quilt shop, she doesn't regret the hectic New York worklife she left behind.  And she certainly isn't going to spend anymore time wondering if each man she meets could be made into the "right man." (Of course,  you know that such a statement in a fiction story means there is a new man just around the corner -- this time just up the street in a vintage car).  As Christmas approaches, Margot decides this is the year she will help her sister and parents reconcile.  Then an accident occurs and Margot's life becomes one of turmoil and change.

As in all her Cobbled Court books, this is not a story about just one person.  Ties that Bind is also Philippa's story.  The interim pastor at Margot's church, Philippa is the adopted daughter of a famous preacher.  Having spent years as a counselor, and now a young widow, Philippa has accepted her first church charge.  For the congregation, she is their first female pastor.  Surprises, rumors, and adjustments await all.

I listened to Ties that Bind.  The story made a lonely car drive and some tedious housework more manageable.   If you've never read a Bostwick book, check out her writings at her website. your library catalog, or a book seller site.  I think you'll find something worth reading.

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