Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Offering by Angela Hunt

Angela Hunt always delivers books that present ethical and moral dilemmas with authenticity and most importantly, with a careful eye to the human heart and soul.  As her website is titled, "expect the unexpected" when you pick up one of her titles.  In The Offering, Mandy makes the decision to be a gestational carrier, i.e., a surrogate, for a French couple.  Young and healthy, Mandy and her special forces husband, already have one child, but cannot afford to expand their own family or even purchase a home.  Mandy sees the surrogacy as an opportunity to help another couple, earn a significant amount of money that will help pay the tuition for their musically talented preschooler, and perhaps secure an opportunity for Mandy to complete her college degree.

Despite his macho Cuban heritage, Mandy's husband sees her plan as viable and supports her decision. While some might be thinking predictable Lifetime movie, I will tell you that Mandy remains a perfect, objective carrier throughout her pregnancy.  It does seem that the baby is small, but the biological mother was petite, so no one seems worried; and Mandy continues to watch her health, while looking forward to the delivery date.  Then tragedy strikes, and while Mandy plunges into an overwhelming grief, two powerful stories emerge.  One is tied to her father's accidental death years before and the other is put into motion when a  single photo arrives from France.

As I checked Angela Hunt's website, I realized that she has authored several titles that I have not read.  Time to get them on the to-read list.  I'll be checking my library system and WPLC to see what I can find in either print or e-book version.   For those who want a vacation or beach read with a little thought behind it, try The Offering.  I loved Amanda's Cuban in-law family and the Cuban grocery where she worked.  Having just read a nonfiction adoption book that brought me to tears several times, this look at the lengths that we will go to be parents was a good fit to my reading summer.

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  1. I was shaken up by a 'sign of the times' this past week. Our local library system has few 'friends'. I'm not sure if they have no money because we have the TTU library or what, but the city public library is weak in so many areas. I have used the inter-library loan system often to fill in the gaps. It has been awhile since I requested a book as I was surprised to find, when picking up an inter-library loan, that it cost me $2.75. When I asked the clerk told me that their budget was cut so these loans now cost. Has that happened up north? I would understand help with the shipping but $2.75 will keep many from requesting these loans. It also pushes the digital medium closer, faster. I was sad to see this but realize it was inevitable.