Thursday, June 13, 2013

Look of Love by Mary Jane Clark

A few weeks ago I read and reviewed Footprints in the Sand, a Piper Donovan/Wedding Cake mystery by Mary Jane Clark.  I had read books by Mary Jane Clark several years ago, but had never started this series.  Since I enjoyed Footprints, finding it a quick simple read, I checked to see what other Mary Jane Clark titles I could get for my Nook through WPLC (Wisconsin Public Library Consortium).  I had to place holds on the titles, but the waiting lists weren't too long and I recently was able to load The Look of Love.  In the series, this book actually precedes Footprints but you don't miss much reading them out of order.  In this book, the on-going relationship between Piper and boyfriend, FBI agent Jack is newer and not so serious, but that really doesn't affect the mystery unveiling.

Photos of Piper's first wedding cake, made for a fellow soap star actress, had made the press and now a California socialite has called, asking Piper to fly out and make a special cake for her upcoming nuptials.  Piper accepts and flies out to stay at the bride Jillian's famous spa where her father is a cosmetic surgeon to the rich and famous.  Within minutes of arriving Piper learns that all is not tranquil at the spa despite the peach robes, gorgeous pools, pampering beauty treatments, and nutritious food.  In a cottage not far from Piper's, a young woman is found dead.  Soon she is identified as Jillian's former maid, the same woman who months earlier had acid thrown in her face, acid probably intended for Jillian.  Despite her boyfriend Jack and her father's pleas to stay safe and act with caution, Piper  is soon in the midst of the danger.

The Look of Love is one of those cozy mysteries that you can read in an afternoon or so.  Several suspects drive the mystery to the end, and I was never sure who was the killer until the end.  Too often mysteries offer no surprises for me.  This time, although I had suspicions, there was enough doubt to keep me reading.  If you are a mystery fan (true mystery, not the gory stuff), you might give Mary Jane Clark a try.

 Check out Mary's website for more information about her books.

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