Friday, June 21, 2013

Falling to Pieces by Vanetta Chapman

Falling to Pieces - Vannetta ChapmanFalling to Pieces is the second Shipshewana Amish mystery that I've read.  Actually it precedes in time A Perfect Square, a title I blogged about earlier this spring, but I had no problem reading them out of order.  In this novel Deborah Yoder, young Amish wife and quilter extraordinaire, meets Callie Harper for the first time.  Callie has just arrived in town after receiving word that she, as her aunt;s only relative, has inherited the small quilt shop loved by "Englishers" and Amish alike.  A young widow from Texas, Callie at first seems determined to sell the shop and return to her old life, but then she connects with Deborah and her Amish friends.  Soon, Callie's old life seems just that, old, and tired.  She decides to keep the shop open and running, while she looks for a buyer.  Meanwhile she consents to placing two handmade quilts on an online auction.  When the newspaper editor claims that she has taken advantage of the Amish women and that her action violates the wishes of the local Bishop, Callie is ready to defend herself.  However, when she discovers the editor dead at his desk, law enforcement suspects poison and targets Callie as the prime suspect.

Like A Perfect Square, this is a cozy mystery with a pleasant mixture of intrigue, clues, Amish lifestyle, and just a bit of quilting thrown in for good measure. This did not have the powerful suspense that compelled me to stay up late and finish the book.  I found I could read awhile and then easily put the book aside to do other tasks, but  I've come to like Deborah and her brood of kids along with shop owner Callie and her dog Max enough that I will probably read the next book in the series Material Witness.

Vanetta Chapman has won awards for this title and for the rest of the series.  
Finalist for 2012 Golden Quill, Best Inspirational Romantic Suspense 
Winner of 2012 Southern Magic Best Inspirational Single Title

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