Friday, June 28, 2013

A Step of Faith by Richard Paul Evans - The Walk Story continued

A Step of Faith is the fourth book in Richard Paul Evan's story The Walk.  I believe it will end when volume five comes out next spring, but only Evan knows for sure.  In every volume I've been pulled into Alan Christofferson's journey to escape his grief and pain after his young wife's tragic death -- his destination as far as he can walk from Seattle, which appears is Key West, Florida.  Throughout his walk so far, he has met strangers who have helped him appreciate little joys and triumphs that a new day can offer.  He's also met danger and good Samaritans.  As the last book ended, Alan had begun having debilitating headaches and had actually collapsed on the road. A Step of Faith begins with Alan and his father hearing the news that the weary traveler has a brain tumor which requires immediate surgery.  His father sees this as a sign that Alan should end the walk, but his son does not.

Of course Evan's is known for stories that bring forth floods of  reader tears, and this saga is no different.
After the first book, it wasn't the raw emotion that kept me looking forward to the next volumes.  I became hooked by the actual journey, especially the small towns and interesting people that Evans created.  As he wove real places, local color, and historic sights into his descriptions of every leg of the journey, I felt I was taking a walk also.  Even the hotels, B and B's, tent sites, and places to eat built a better story.  I quickly read this title, just as I did the first three, but I wasn't as captivated, and when I hit the last page, I was slightly disappointed.  Now I need to wait until next spring, and I am just not sure if I will be quite so intrigued by next spring.  Of course, if someone wants to send me to Key West to join the cruise that will celebrate the finish to this book, I will certainly consider going.


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