Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Matter of Trust by Lis Wiehl with April Henry

Former prosecutor, current legal analyst and Fox News panelist, Lis Wiehl is also a successful author of both fiction and nonfiction.  Her newest book A Matter of Trust written with April Henry begins a new legal thriller series.  Mia Quinn, newly widowed mother of two, returns to her old job as a county prosecutor a midst personal financial woes.  Just beginning to balance the demands of single parenthood while assuming a full time job and moonlighting at the local law school, Mia finds her emotional world jolted once again when a colleague is murdered - while talking to Mia on the phone.  Soon Mia is assigned the murder case which involves working with Detective Charles Carlson, a person Mia both admires at the same time she questions his methods.  Plot twists keep this story moving, so the reader never has time to lose interest.  The family thread is strongly developed with enough room for a continuing saga of our talented prosecutor.  I am sure thatWiehl and Henry are already fleshing out the next installments; hopefully, the next volumes will further develop the relationship between Mia and her long, estranged father, who it appears has found a sound foundation for his remaining years.

As a parent,grandparent, and former secondary school teacher, I was drawn to the very realistic bullying side story present in this novel.  What I found most powerful was Detective Charles Carlson's reaction to the bullies.  Another example of realistic fiction, including the long standing mystery genre, giving readers new perspectives on the problems our society faces everyday.  I received an e-copy of this title from NetGalley for review purposes.  All opinions are mine.

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts on this one. My book club read their first series and enjoyed it. We passed on the next series by Wiehl because not all of us like supernatural elements. We just might take on this latest series -- sounds up our alley.