Saturday, April 20, 2013

National Library Week

This has been National Library Week.  I intended to post something earlier, but did not get around to it.  Many local libraries have special events planned, inviting local authors, historians, or other special programs.

Friends and I plan to see one of the author's invited to the Fox Cities Read celebration next week.  I'll post about that after we go.  Our small library is planning a fundraiser starting next week.  We'll be having a spring basket silent auction.  It's always fun to see what is in the baskets.

Remember libraries are important elements of communities.  If you haven't visited a library recently, make it a priority.  You be able to add a new dimension to your life.  What do I find at our small library?  First of all, the greatest 2 woman staff in the world.  Next, it is my starting place for my reading wants and needs.  Since our library is part of a larger system, I can make title requests that go beyond our collection.  I must confess that our own collection is great and I have not read my way through a fraction of it.  Somehow, another title catches my eye and I have to order it through the system's sharing policy.  I also frequently get audio books, dvds, and now I can borrow ebooks through WPLC, our state program for   ebooks and audio downloads.  I also bring home kids books for the grandkids.  They love to discover on their own the new picture books I've quietly placed on the bench in the great room.  Then there are the gardening, travel, and quilting magazines I sometimes borrow.  Last there is our local paper.  I don't subscribe, but I can read the most recent issue at the library.  That way I can stay up to date with what's happening, but I don't waste my money if it's a dull week.  

Despite our small size, our library has a big heart and is an important destination in the community.  Before Christmas I took a candy making class at the library.  Last week, I took a photography class and the room was packed.  And on alternating Wednesday afternoons, a group of women, myself included, have been learning bridge.  We have some skilled players who are teaching us, and we use the library's meeting room as our home base.  And I couldn't end this little library promotion without mentioning our fantastic book club.  We meet each month to discuss a book.  I love that the library helps us locate enough copies of the book being read.  This means that cost does not keep someone from joining.  This month we are discussing 29 Gifts, which I haven't read yet.
Better get reading!   

Love Your Library

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  1. I love your library and posted about it during a fund raising time Mom was involved with. I am so impressed at what a wonderful facility that community library is. Cheers to National library Week!