Friday, April 19, 2013

Just One Touch by Cynthia Conner Goyang

Today, what human condition or disease would cause all one's neighbors and family to shy away, maybe even isolate another person?  When would we flee in shameless fear or disgust?  A few years ago, it might have been AIDS, today we understand that disease a little better, but obviously take precautions.  The hepatitis viruses,  TB, and developing diseases like the bird flu may bring quarantines but thankfully the ill receive medical care.  Still we sometimes hear stories of cancer patients, burn/accident victims whose families and friends simply abandon them in times of great need.To me, the condition that brings the greatest isolation, misunderstanding, possible cruelty is mental illness.  Hopefully, we will continue to gain understanding of it, just as we've grown in our understanding of most medical afflictions.

Even though we, on the surface, no longer isolate the sick or unclean out of fear or religious rules, there is much we can learn from Mark 5's story of the bleeding woman.  Author Cynthia Conner Goyang has written a tender, but frank book that "fleshes" out this important message of faith.
Have you ever wondered about the months and years that preceded the woman's decision to touch Christ's robe?  How would those countless times that her neighbors and entire village shunned her
have affected her?  Through Goyang's eyes meet Sapira, a beautiful shopkeeper's daughter, who catches the eye of a rich wine merchant.  At first, the new young wife is treated with luxary and tenderness, but all that changes when she cannot deliver a live error.  Goyang emotionally depicts the subsequent unraveling of Sapira's life until that day she hears news of the healer who has come to the village.

Just walking out of her isolated cottage is a desperate act, one tinged with courage, but more importantly based on profound faith in someone she had never even met.  She willingly endures yet another round of vulgar comments and jeers as she makes her way from the safety of her home through the crowds to Christ's side.

Just One Touch is another of those small press books I've been reading lately.  Often these books are "life dreams" realized.  Again, I feel honored to be among the early readers.  This fictionalized account of the unclean woman's courageous touch of the Master's robe would be a wonderful addition to church libraries or even to a personal collection.  It would also make a lovely gift, perhaps for someone who is facing rough times or is lonely.  I received a copy of this title from
Ambassador Intl for review purposes.  All opinion are my own.

Check out to learn more about this book and author.  I've also noticed that has this book in ebook format at a lower rate than Barnes and Noble, at least today.

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  1. This is one of my favorite Bible stories. I'm intrigued by her courage and faith. I have often wondered what her life was like after her encounter with Christ.