Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Lightkeeper's daughter by Colleen Coble

Colleen Coble's Mercy Falls series consists of three novels; The Lightkeeper's Daughter, which is set in 1907, is the first.  Addie Sullivan has quietly spent her life at the lighthouse her parents tended.  Their remote location meant no playmates, no school days, and no extended family.  Instead she was home schooled and then earned a degree by correspondence.  After her father's death, life became lonelier as her mother had always been emotionally distant.  Then one day, a stranger, Mr. Driscoll, visits and reveals that Addie might be Julia Eaton, who was believed to have drowned as a toddler with her birth mother and most the ship's passengers.   Her mother confesses that her husband found a child washed up on shore, then later started receiving money to raise the child as their own.

If this is true, Mr. Driscoll could possibly  be Addie's uncle, and she may be a future heir to the Eaton/Driscoll fortune.  They devise a plan in which Addie will come to the family mansion and assume duties as young Edward North's tutor.  Little Edward is Mr. Eaton's grandson.  His mother, now deceased, was the child of Mr. Eaton's second marriage.  Being a romance story, of course, Addie falls head over heels in love with Edward's father, Lt. North.  You want to believe that his intentions and feelings are honorable, but others will try to place doubts in Addie's mind and yours. Meanwhile, she tries desperately to find out more about her deceased mother and why they were on that ship years before.  As clues are uncovered, danger increases, and attacks are made on those closest to Addie.  Still, she longs to reveal herself to her father Henry Eaton and become a member of his family.  Is it safe to do so?

Colleen Coble is one of the Christian writers I believe can consistently weave a message of faith into fiction that is fun to read.  In this case, the suspense is well done, and I never quite knew whom to trust until the end.  I checked this title out from our library and already have the second book in this series loaded on my Nook.

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