Friday, February 1, 2013

Undaunted by Josh McDowell with Christobal Krussen

Some may recognize Josh McDowell's name, knowing that he has been part of the Campus Crusade for Christ ministry since 1961, while others may recognize the title Undaunted from DVD covers you've seen in Christian bookstores and catalogs.  I fall into that last category.  I had seen the DVD covers, but had not seen the movie or even read anything about it.  When I saw that there was a book by the same name and when I read a little about the author's life, I knew I wanted to read more.

Josh was raised on a farm in Michigan in the 1950s, the time so heralded as a perfect American decade, a time of family values and prosperity.  Not so, for Jos (as his parents called him) who was caught in a violent and abusive trap which escalated as the youth became a ticking time bomb who exploded with the slightest provocation.  The youngest child, Josh was born long after his father had sunk into a life of drunken escapades which ended with beating his wife. While it seemed Josh's mother was loving and wanted to protect her son, her extreme obesity added to her inability to change the pattern. It was the parents need for help on the farm and in the house that brought Wayne into the family's life and the secret shame of abuse to the young boy.  As young Josh's hatred of his father grew, so did his distrust of God, until he was filled with a murderous rage toward one and an absolute denial of the other.

The book covers those painful early years and the subsequent fascinating journey to a calling to teach others of God's love.  You'll read of Josh's journey to Europe, a trip he is certain will end with definitive proof that the New Testament is a hoax.  His discoveries there made for some heartfelt discussions between my husband and me in recent days.  Perhaps the most powerful moment is when Josh meets his father in a coffee shop after months of alienation;there, the young man who had often choked his drunken father with a deep desire to kill the man, simply looked the man in the eyes and said, "I love you."

I highly recommend this book for those who know Josh McDowell from his other books (he has written or co-authored over 100) and even more for those of us who really knew nothing about him.
It is a story of love redeemed that you will not forget.

I got my copy of Undaunted from our library system.  It was published by Tyndale Momentum and is available through most book vendors.  This would be a great addition to church libraries and also to personal libraries.

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