Monday, February 25, 2013

The Queen by Steven James

Publishers' Weekly calls Steven James' writing a mixture of Sir Conan Doyle, Jonathan Kellerman, and Tom Clancy, a thrill ride of excitement without unnecessary bad language or sex. And they are right, readers will be thrust into mystery, international espionage, and fast paced action.  The Queen is book five in the Patrick Bower series so there are lots of references to previous cases, villains  and life events, but that did not stop me from following the action.  I must caution that although these are classified as Christian fiction (thriller/mysteries), there is a lot of violence.  Bower is a FBI agent in the midst of  a serial murder case that has taken him to his home state Wisconsin, one everyone thought had been solved years ago, when he is called to another crime site in Northern Wisconsin.  A mother and child have been killed and the husband's snowmobile has been found in an icy river.  Suspicions arise because the father, a supposed saw mill worker, had a top Navy security clearance and near his home is the old ELF communication structure of the 1980s.  Is it possible that the site is still operational and could be used in some international plot?  Perhaps by the rogue anti-nuclear group or could it be something more dangerous?

If you are intrigued by the technology of crime solving and espionage, then this book delivers.
A bone crushing device, malware, hackers, intercepted emails, and cell phones and ipads all add to the suspense and action.  From Bower's fight to survive icy waters to a wheel chair bound terrorist in a jail cell across the ocean, the changes in viewpoint are as swift as the action.  It is Bower's personal story and his relationship with his step daughter that raised my star rating above other thriller-type books I've read. It is also the family relationships that take this series from just a spy story to a revenue for exploring faith and belief systems.  Alexi, a former Russian spy and assassin is the one operative in the book that really intrigued me, so much so that I might need to read previous books to get his full story.
If you're looking for a new thriller series, check out book one  The Pawn and I am sure you end up reading them all.

PS.  I liked the up north references. Although the town names were all fictitious. I still could imagine the forestry roads, snow storms, and the cold!!

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  1. I perused this series with the previous book came out and I'm not sure, now, why I passed them up but I'll have to put them back on my reading list.