Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Roses by Amanda Cabot

Unbelievable, It is January 4th already and I have not blogged a new book!  For some strange reason, I felt compelled to do other things and did not read anything beyond needed recipes, blogs, and devotions for two, almost three days.  Here is the scoop on how I could go SO long without a book.  When I cleaned the house for the holidays, I did a super job of picking up my sewing area.  It looked spotless, neat, and shiny.  Only I knew the fabric stash in the trunk and sewing closet were a mish mash of baggies and mismatched pieces.  Then over the weekend, I stumbled upon two different type of blogs - 1. those who recycle and restyle clothes.  These wonderful women (who mostly have great bodies) take other people's rejects and restyle them into some hip clothes.  While I don't think I will be joining them in posting pics of my personal wardrobe, I have been inspired to try some more restyling and reusing of thrift store finds for the little ones or for crafts. 

The second group of blogs I found were postings of sewing rooms, many beautifully decorated with creative storage.  Their ideas and my desire to start a new season of sewing drove me to take action in my sewing area.

  When we built our home 7.5 years ago, we knew it needed a dedicated space for my sewing.   Our home is a bi-level with plenty of large, sunny windows.  The foundation bump-out on the lower level, which is directly below the upper level's sun room, became the ideal sewing suite.  It had enough room for a sewing counter to hold two or more sewing machines.  Plus there was room for my Amish made sewing table and an ironing board.  My office chair can scoot from one spot to another in an efficient triangle.  This area actually is open to our lower level family room, so I have appropriated one end of that room for a storage trunk,a shelf unit for quilting books, a sewing closet, the pingpong turned cutting table, and lastly a machine quilting frame.  Thanks, hubby, for the space.

Anyway, to shorten this tale so we can get back to books,  all those pristine sewing rooms inspired me to haul out boxes and bags of scraps to iron, cut into useable pieces, and resort into color/size piles.  Then all those piles needed to be labeled and restored in an organized manner.  I also totally revamped my thread storage.  And now you know the reason  I did not read any books or blog about them for several days.

Finally last night, I returned to reading, mainly because my download of this book from the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium was going to expire and disappear within hours.
Christmas Roses by Amanda Cabot is a light, historical novella about a young widow trying to make a living  for herself and her baby by running a boarding house.  However, if the mining prospects don't improve in this Wyoming area, Celia may not attract anymore than her current one boarder, and she may have to consider marrying again -- another marriage of convenience without love.  Then a stranger arrives and Celia begins to wish love was an option, that she could find someone who offer not just a secure future, but also bring Christmas roses to his dearest. 
 This was a sweet, quick read with some interesting side characters, including a little boy whom Celia babysits and the minister's wife whose 30+ year old marriage to her husband is a model of true love to the young widow.

 Now that 2013 is here and I have officially written down my first "completed" book on my 2013 list, it is time to get back into the groove.  Hopefully, I will have time for all the activities I want to do  including  shortening that never-ending "to read" list and just maybe creating some special memories in the sewing room

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  1. Wow, you've started the year off with a BANG! I love your idea of cutting and prepping squares, that speaks to my sense of organization. I'm jumping into an armchair re-do. It's a mix of slipcover and reupholstering. Logan is home and he is helping me re-do the springs in the seat. Cross your fingers for me, I'm hoping the result will be good enough to at least keep the chair in the basement :)