Monday, December 24, 2012

Good News of Great Joy by Kelly Pulley

Last year I blogged about not being able to find a suitable children's retelling of the nativity for our one year old granddaughter.  We did find one, but it wasn't a super favorite.  When David C. Cook Publishing made Good News of Great Joy available as an ebook for review purposes, I knew I wanted to read it. The target audience is definitely older than a one year old, but a toddler could listen to the story.  Older readers/listeners will understand more.

 Author and illustrator Kelly Pulley has brought a contemporary vibe to the age old story of our Lord's birth with his peppy, straight forward ryhmes and especially with his lively drawings.  The eyes of all the characters, whether angels, shepherds, animals or Mary and Joseph themselves just pop!  Of course, it is a little jolting to not hear the familiar biblical text, but Pulley does a good job of replacing complicated vocabulary with just the right modern words ( census = people counters; swaddled = snug and cozy)  One stanza (with appropriate pronoun changes) is repeated throughout the story "They were terrribly frightened as you would be too, If what happened to them happened to you" tries to make readers/listeners realize how they would react to the arrival of angels with messages of great importance.  I was surprised that the story ended with the angels speaking to the shepherds, not with the shepherds traveling to the stable. 

This book would be a good addition to Sunday School libraries and to home libraries alike.  Parents and church librarians should also check into other books in this Magnificant Tales collection which retell important biblical lessons with just a hint of humor.

I was provided with an e-copy for review purposes, but all opinions are mine.

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