Monday, December 31, 2012

Book of Dreams by Davis Bunn

Dr. Elena Burroughs is a world reknowned authority in dreams, but when a new client comes seeking interpretation of a recurring nightmare, Elena finds herself examining her self-imposed emotional confinement.  Since her own husband died several years earlier, the doctor has lived a carefully guarded existance.  By helping her new patient, could she possibly be helping herself?

  An elderly friend of Elena bestows upon her a set of books depiciting the Lord's Prayer in carving and illuminated text.  While Mirian has been keeper of the texts for over 70 years, she has never felt any strong messages from God as a direct result.  No so, for Elena.  Immediately, she begins to feel divine "direction" including messages about how to proceed with her new patient, wife of an important diplomat and former banker.    Elena and key players travel from Oxford, to Rome (even the Vatican), to the banking centers of the United States, London, and Belgium. At times I found this books utterly confusing, then exciting, then confusing and underdeveloped, and then exciting again.  The compelling messages were never totally explained to readers, obviously to create suspense, but I feel that added to my confusion.  I tried to visualize the book in Indiana Jones movie-style because the settings were obviously important, but things still fell flat for me. Since I see our relationships with God as personal more than group-driven, I confess I usually have problems with these types of stories and don't often buy into the "mystical" object stories.  So, maybe, all the fault lies with me.   I know that Davis Bunn is an accomplished writer, (I loved Prayers of a Stranger) and in fact, the ending of this book is so intriguing that I just might have to read the second book in the series, Hidden in Dreams.

2012 has almost come to an end.  Just a few more hours left, which is why I posted twice today.  For the past eight or nine years, I have kept a written list of the books I read within a year, mainly so I would quit reading books twice because I forgot that I had read them!  When I was working, the lists would be around 85-90 books.  Since I always forgot to write down some titles, I always figured I read just under 100 books a year.  I assumed I would be able to almost double that amount after I quit working.  NOT SO!!  My list this year ends at 125, a very respectable number I think, considering the amount of time it takes to blog about a book after reading it.  And yes, I do read books that I never blog about.  Add in the time needed to keep up a house and garden, entertain grandkids, pursue quilting adventures and try to be physically active, and I think I have done quite well.  Many titles are quick reads, but I do frequently tackle more ambitious reads.  I hope that someone benefits from this blog and my observations.  I know that I find creative ideas and welcome recommendations from the many blogs I hop onto.  Let the fun continue in 2013  God Bless!!

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