Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grace by Max Lucado

Max Lucado's writings continue to bring Christ's love into our 21st century lives.  He opens the Bible, pulls out the most powerful scriptures, and plunks those meaning-packed words into the nitty gritty of carpools, job stress, troubled marriages, and even economic downfalls.  No way around it, the Bible is relevant, God still wants to have relationships with his children, and we have an open invitation to become members of the family.  In the new book Grace, Lucado defines and redefines what grace is, what this unfathomable gift really means, and how it can be the transforming point in our lives.

Following the text of the book is a reader's guide which looks back at each chapter by posing significant questions.  This reader's guide can be used by an individual for personal study and reflection, or it can be used as the starting points for a study and discussion group.  A DVD to accompany the book and a workbook are also available.  As I read the book on my nook, I was always stopping to highlight sections.  There were so many observations and analogies that I wanted to lock away for future reference. Think about these perspectives offered by Lucado.  The Christian is a person in whom Christ is happening.  (p.10)  Grace is God as heart surgeon, cracking open your chest, removing your heart -- poisoned as it is with pride and pain-- and replacing it with his own. (p.10) 

  I particulary love the historic quotes at the beginning of new chapters that provide other authors' and thinkers' take on grace.  Here are just a few:
        How great a God is He who gives God.               Augustine

        Grace is God loving, God stooping, God coming to the rescue, God giving himself generously in and through Jesus Christ.                                            John Sott

        Jesus Christ is what God does, and the cross where God did it.        Frederick Buechner

  And the thought-proving questions from one of the reader's quide pages will add more depth to your reading of the book. For example these questions will have you really thinking: Have you been changed by grace?  Shaped by grace? Strengthened by grace?  Emboldened by grace?  Softened by grace (I love that one!!) Snatched by the nape of your neck and shaken to your senses by grace?
To be truthful, I haven't finished all the study questions.  Since I received an e-copy of this book from NetGalley for review purposes, I only have the copy for a limited number of days.  I've decided that this is one of those books which I need to own.  I will be buying a copy and remarking all those great passages.  I recommend that you do the same.

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  1. Good Saturday moring! Max Lucado really has a gift for writing. We have many of his books. The weather has turned cool here, cloudy too, which will keep the cool through the day. It makes for great football weather!