Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tidewater inn by Coleen Coble

Libby thought it was just a routine call to her business partner/best friend to catch up on the details of a potential historic restoration job on  Hope Island.  Instead she received news that would change her future and her past.  Nicole  just uncovered that Libby is the heir to Tidewater Inn, a quaint cornerstone building on the quiet island.  The father whom Libby believed had died when she was little, actually had been alive until just recently, and his last wish was that Libby would inherit the inn and have an opportunity to meet her half siblings.

And that, friends and readers, is just the first pages.  Within minutes, Libby is encouraged by Nicole to access the island's 24/7 web cam of the old lighthouse, so she can secretly get her first glimpse of a sister she's never known.  Instead, the web cam reveals a real time crime-in-the-making as Nicole is accosted by three men in masks and thrown into a boat. 

Unbelievably over the next seconds and hours, Libby makes two big mistakes that thrust her into the prime suspect seat.  Plus her "new" family greets her arrival on the island with disdain.  To add a little more confusion to the mix, a category one hurricane approaches, making it necessary for the inn to open its doors to villagers whose own homes are damaged by approaching winds and flooding.
Libby takes on three separate, but equally impossible tasks: 1. Convince law enforcement that she would never hurt her friend and that they should spend all efforsts trying to find Nicole. 2. Begin to run the inn so that it can safely care for those in need. 3. Begin to establish a relationship with her siblings as her father requested.  While others are willing to believe the worst about her, only Alec, a Coast Guard officer, seems willing to believe her story, but when Libby learns that he has been asked by the sheriff to watch over her, Libby doesn't know if she can trust anyone. 

Coleen Coble is an established Christian fiction author and this title didn't disappoint.  I wanted to dig my toes into the sand (after the hurricane) and smell the breezes from the inn.  Really enjoyed the debate over the future of the island - would it lose its quaintness and special appeal if a ferry service provided a way for increased tourism?  Would what they gained in employment outweigh what fulltimers would lose in peace and quiet?  Also, Coble carefully constructed the back story of Libby's father and his life of faith in action 

Bottom line, if you've enjoyed other Coleen Coble books, then try this one.  Or if you are a lover of historic houses, the beach, or just want a little suspense mixed in your romance, spend some time at Tidewater Inn.  I received an e-copy of this title for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I have never read Colleen Coble but will look her way. I sure enjoyed our breakfast together last week. Time is always so short when I finally make my way north but I appreciate you and R. coming over to visit. I would love to get that exploding pineapple pattern,, post a picture of the one you are doing when complete. Have a great week!